Facebook Superiority

The Superiority of Facebook

Online social interaction is increasingly driving business & Facebook is the decided frontrunner.


Facebook Users Graph

It’s a winner.

After just 8 short years, Facebook is the social media winner by a long shot. There are many social media platforms, but there is one area where Facebook speeds past Twitter, LinkedIn & others. What is it?…


Facebook motivates users to ACT.


Fogg Behavior Model



3 factors comprise the Action Threshold.

According to the well-known Fogg Behavior Model, a person must have the right combination of motivation, ease of use and the right trigger in order to ACT.

The Fogg Behavior Model, as a tool, not only allows us to understand what may be lacking from a marketing strategy, but also helps us to understand what is more likely to cause a change in behavior as well.




Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, describes the three keys of Facebook’s success in an interview with the Business Insider as “Making it so that this is a place where people can move quickly is just key. Having an emphasis on making bold decisions and being bold in the products that we build I think is why we have products like ‘newsfeed’, which at the time was controversial but now is one of the core parts of the product and has been emulated by a lot of other startups and companies – or why we have Platform. When we built our first version of the development platform people weren’t thinking of social networks as social platforms for social software development, and that was a pretty controversial decision and we decided to go for it and now we have a community of almost one million developers. So that is a direct byproduct of that line of thinking. Also, focusing on leverage and impact, you know the best people want to go to the place where they can have the biggest impact.

Facebook’s Main Focus

From the beginning, the main focus has been user experience over everything else. In essence, by not catering to advertisers directly and focusing on everyday experience, this move ensured Facebook’s viability and ability to adapt as necessary to meet the changing needs and desires of users. Facebook remains extremely relevant to users over time, thus value to advertisers remains steady and/or increases over time as a result.

Facebook is a wonderful example of the network effect, in which the value of a network to a user is exponentially proportional to the number of other users that network has.”
– MIT Technology Review

Facebook Interaction Levels

This exponential nature is a big underlying reason why 44% of people who use the internet have a Facebook account. The whole experience has been described as ‘addictive’ and the data is more than enough evidence to back this up.

Facebook Stats


“All of this is fine and good,” you say… “but show me the money!” With Facebook’s attitude of bold moves, there should be no surprise that the options available to advertisers are just as bold. Even with social media marketing still in it’s infancy, Facebook’s arsenal of tools is already fierce. The problem is that most people who want to put these to use and take advantage of this giant platform aren’t properly equipped to use them.

Here is a brief synopsis of TRISYM’s approach to skillfully leveraging the internet’s most successful social media platform:

  1. PointBullseyeCreate – Get your Fan Page or Business Page started! Facebook provides a simple “How To” for basic setup.
  2. Engage – Connect with your audience. Remember that this is a networking strategy, so don’t worry if you are reaching your “target” right away. Allow the network to do what it does best and over time you will interact with your most active “Likes” and learn a lot from their behavior by analyzing the data.
  3. Grow – Knowing what your Facebook Goals and setting Key Performance Indicators (KPI) based on these is a very important part of the process. Just as important to this is the human element, TRISYM consultants embody this understanding as trained counselors and group facilitators. You can gain more “Likes”, but how to you know you’re growing the right image that supports your brand or growing the right types of interactions? Having an expert who is very familiar with the process and can steer the social media ship becomes critical at this stage.

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