Content Optimization in 3 Steps

Content optimization is key since we all know that content is king. Here are 3 simple steps that will take your blog content to the next level, courtesy of Kissmetrics. Read the original article here.

1. Crowdsource Your Blog Topics

The right choice of blog topics leads to an overall consistent message of what your business is about. Tools such as ScrapingHub and WriteWords to compile a list of blog titles from websites of your choosing and to analyze all that data for you.

Looking at the data, one thing is clear: no one is original. The market is continuing to trend with “how-to guides,” “numbered lists,” and “ultimate strategies.” The topics are tiresome, with more posts about content marketing, social media, Google products, email, and analytics.” – Kissmetrics

2. Identify the Influencers and News Makers

Build a list of around 50 influencers in your field, and try out FollowerWork. Engage with your top influencers by following them on Twitter, add their RSS feeds, and create a rolling list of targets. After setting up your list, create content around your influencers and crafts ways to get them engaged through interviews, news jack, and “best of” lists.

3. Work Around a Schedule

Compile a list of top events in sales and marketing and write content around them. You can do this in several ways including interviews, mining the event for agendas, and you may want to attend the event in person.

Blog Boilerplate- Kissmetrics

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