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How to setup Facebook Business Manager for Enterprise

  Facebook has stepped up their advertising platform in a big way this month, releasing the all new Facebook Business Manager, a new tool designed for businesses and agencies to manage all Facebook Assets, including Ad accounts (Yes, you can have more than one!), apps and Pages in one place. In addition, you can manage users and permissions as Employees […]

3 E-Commerce Optimization Traps

With increasing access to customer behavioral data, it is natural to look for patterns and draw conclusions, feeling confident in what the data is telling us. In fact, that is exactly some of our job descriptions. Marketing Analysts are valued because we test assumptions and return data that appears to support or refute these assumptions. […]

Building Interconnected Systems that Thrive

American life has been saturated with the old models of commerce, which are built on competition. Through competition, we are driven to innovate and be creative to be better, faster, stronger, or more efficient at providing the results of our labors… our products, services, and ideas. The provider, always trying to maximize profit, is at […]