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5 Solid Reasons to Always Be A/B Testing

This info graphic shows 5 solid reasons to always be A/B testing. Share with your co-workers, and impress your boss.   Resources: “6 Facts Prove You Need to Start A/B Testing Now” on Visual.ly “25 Stats About Conversion Rate Optimization and A/B Testing” on AdPushUp

Targeting Millennials

Generation Y or the “Millennials” are not only changing the way the world does business, they have the largest set of collected data attached to them since the advent of “the inter web”. Millennials are now entering a new phase of life, with the age range spanning from 18-33. They are entering the job market, […]

Content Optimization in 3 Steps

Content optimization is key since we all know that content is king. Here are 3 simple steps that will take your blog content to the next level, courtesy of Kissmetrics. Read the original article here. 1. Crowdsource Your Blog Topics The right choice of blog topics leads to an overall consistent message of what your […]

Are Mobile Ads Effective?

In general, mobile ads are highly effective… for some businesses. The efficacy is dependent on your business offering, does your niche speak to mobile users? Also, how are you designing the ads, have you done your research? What do people on their smartphones want/need these days? Here are a few basic mobile stats to give you […]

Audience Insights in Facebook

Audience Insights Facebook has been changing rapidly for advertisers in 2014. At Trisym, we really dig the latest looks and the newest feature to help advertisers understand their custom audiences and website custom audiences. For ages advertisers have requested more insights into the custom audiences they upload into Facebook. When you can analyze the qualities of […]

Custom Audiences – The Most Versatile Targeting Tool in Facebook

Custom Audiences Custom Audiences in Facebook are created by uploading a file containing client emails, by syncing information from MailChimp, or by the newest feature called Website Custom Audiences or WCAs. These are the cornerstone of Facebook Advertising for marketing managers. These folks know that targeting current clients at the right time with the right message can […]

Facebook Expands Behavioral Targeting for Ads

Facebook announced today, that “Starting soon in the US, we will also include information from some of the websites and apps you use. This is a type of interest-based advertising, and many companies already do this.” What this means for advertisers is a share in the benefits of Facebook using 3rd party website information to […]

Lifecycle Marketing: Engaging Facebook for Customer Retention

“Two to three years ago, marketers would have said that lead generation was their top priority in lifecycle marketing. Now they are focused on improving loyalty and doing better job of selling additional products and services to their existing customers.” – Andrew Gaffney, Editor of Demand Gen Report In customer relationship management (CRM), customer life cycle (CLC) […]

The Superiority of Facebook

Online social interaction is increasingly driving business & Facebook is the decided frontrunner.   It’s a winner. After just 8 short years, Facebook is the social media winner by a long shot. There are many social media platforms, but there is one area where Facebook speeds past Twitter, LinkedIn & others. What is it?…   Facebook motivates […]