Infographic: 5 Solid Reasons to Always be A/B Testing

5 Solid Reasons to Always Be A/B Testing

This info graphic shows 5 solid reasons to always be A/B testing.…
How To Setup Facebook Business Manager for Enterprise

How to setup Facebook Business Manager for Enterprise

  Facebook has stepped up their advertising platform…

Targeting Millennials

Generation Y or the "Millennials" are not only changing the way…

Content Optimization in 3 Steps

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Are Mobile Ads Effective?

In general, mobile ads are highly effective... for some businesses.…

Weird Al Yankovic helps us with Cross-platform Innovation

Released exclusively by the... Wallstreet Journal?! The song,…

Audience Insights in Facebook

Audience Insights Facebook has been changing rapidly for advertisers…

Custom Audiences - The Most Versatile Targeting Tool in Facebook

Custom Audiences Custom Audiences in Facebook are created by…
Facebook's new behavioral targeting

Facebook Expands Behavioral Targeting for Ads

Facebook announced today, that "Starting soon in the US, we will…
Facebook Lifecycle Marketing

Lifecycle Marketing: Engaging Facebook for Customer Retention

“Two to three years ago, marketers would have said that lead…